Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dr.P.K. Sharma on Dwijendra Dwij's "JAN-GAN-MAN" in Poet-Crit (International)July-Aug 2004

"Jan-gan-man" as the title indicates is essentially poet's encounter with the world as he finds it. It would not be off the point to call them 'protest poems' if we can give this generalised description.

Each `ghazal' is born out of experience (real or virtual) and therefore, has an immediacy of comes as the poet's authentic voice. Obviously this kind of poetry tends to settle into satire since it is directed at socio-politico-econimic disorder in the society. Poet's consciousness is continuously battling with the chaos,cruelty and hypocrisy that is so pervasive all around. The good thing about these ghazals is that satire is controlled and well is not vitriolic in character.The poet uses his anger creatively against the rottenness in the system.
I only wish the poet should not stay with the protest mode. He has to go beyond where his quarrels start with himself and he looks at the world through the crystal of lhis unified vision.W.B. yeats has aptly remarked that out of quarrel with the world comes rhetoric and out of quarrel with oneself comes poetry. I see these poems not only his quarrel with the world but also with himself. Best things are born out of thi battling of the soul.
I do not understand much about the discipline of ghazal as genre. But these do have telling effect on the reader, particularly if these are read aloud. As the review writer in the book has pointed out, poets language is Hindustani which, I think,has come to stay in literature though some purists might feel a little uneasy about it.
Dwij's poetry has a ring of total sincerity about it and it cannot be accused of any false note.I wish some of the ghazals could be set to song and music to get the best out of them.

Courtesy : Poet-Crit (International)July-Aug 2004


  1. ‘द्विज’जी ने सच कहा-

    छोड़िए भी,फिर कभी सुनना
    ये बहुत लम्बी कथाएँ हैं

    ये मनोरंजन नहीं करतीं
    क्योंकि ये ग़ज़ले व्यथाएँ हैं"

    जन-गण-मन की ग़ज़लों को बार-बार सुनने की, पढ़ने की, इच्छा बनी रहेगी।

  2. द्विज जी की ग़ज़लें, आम आदमी से जुडी, आज के हालात को बयां करती ग़ज़लें है. एकदम सरल भाषा में कही ग़ज़लें जो सीधा दिल पर असर करती हैं. सच्ची शायरी के यही पहचान है. जो दिल पे असर करे वोही सच्चा शेर है और द्विज जी की हर गज़ल का हर शेर दिल पर असर करता है और सोचने पर मजबूर करता है. द्विज जी आज के दौर के महान शायरों में से एक हैं.